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From a Swamp to a Thriving Community

Our approach to draining the swamp has changed the face of America’s Heartland.

In 1907, when The Little River Drainage District formed, Southeast Missouri and surrounding areas were part of a 500,000 acre swamp. This 90-mile long and nearly 20-mile wide land area was impossible to be lived on or used for much of anything. Today, you would never know of this swamp as you passed through the thriving community known for rich farmland and booming business. Only noticeable from far above, you can see the engineering masterpiece, laid out on a perfect grid and maintained by The Little River Drainage District.


From as far north as Cape Girardeau to as far south as the Arkansas state line, The Little River Drainage District includes a massive series of levees and ditches to drain a total of 2 million acres. For a detailed view, download the Map of the District.

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