Dr. Sam M. Hunter, Retirement

After 25 years of extraordinary leadership, Dr. Sam M. Hunter has retired.  He is a man of high integrity, who leads by example with his dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, and caring persona not just for The Little River Drainage District, but for the entire SE Missouri Bootheel.

We live and work in a swamp, reclaimed and made useful with a “man-made” engineered infrastructure system of open channels, levees, detention basins, pumps, and gate structures.  It took much “blood, sweat, and tears” to transform the region from unusable land to the productive land we have today.  Dr. Hunter directed and served to ensure that the opportunity we have been afforded is available and even better for the next generation in the SE Missouri Bootheel.

It is an honor to be affiliated with Dr. Sam M. Hunter, an inspiration to us all.  Thank you for 25 years of visionary guidance.