The Little River Drainage District would like to congratulate the Honorable R.D. James, who was confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as Assistant Secretary Army of Civil Works (ASACW) on January 25, 2018.

Mr. James is a self-employed farmer and manager of cotton gins and grain elevators for the A.C. Riley Cotton Company in New Madrid, Missouri. He is a 1971 civil engineering graduate of the University of Kentucky and has selflessly served as a Civil Engineering Member of the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) for more than 35 years. Mr. James is a champion of water infrastructure investment and the common sense voice advocating comprehensive flood control to protect people and property of the Mississippi River Valley. His experience, expertise, and knowledge of the role water infrastructure plays to our nation’s economic well-being is unmatched.

We look forward to working with him to strengthen our nation’s vital civil works infrastructure for the safety and economic well-being of our nation. 

Our future is bright!


Sam M. Hunter



W. Dustin Boatwright, PE

Executive Vice President

Chief Engineer